Naromi Land Trust
Thursday, March 22, 2018
Forever. Sherman.
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Naromi Land Trust
P.O. Box 265
Sherman, CT 06784
(860) 354-0260

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Our Office is located at 29 Route 37 Center
Above the American Pie Company


It's Official!  Naromi Receives Accreditation! 

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We are Forever. Sherman.                                                                        

Sherman’s natural wealth belongs to all of us.  Every one of us benefits from it.  Share our pride in Sherman’s open spaces, wildlife habitats, water quality, agricultural lands and scenic vistas.  

We are blessed with open space, working farms, tranquil ponds, scenic vistas, and an abundance of wildlife.  These natural assets are the common wealth – our common wealth.  They make this community worth living in.  They’ve been the context for our town’s character and values and social fabric for hundreds of years.  Naromi is the keeper of your Sherman open space.  We exist to serve you and your loved ones – to provide tranquility, rural character, and recreational opportunities.

We are an organization with a mission to protect Sherman’s natural resources in perpetuity.  We have been working for Sherman since 1968. 

Naromi Land Trust is not funded by taxes.  We are chiefly supported by generous contributions from you, your friends and your neighbors.  Every contribution Naromi Land Trust receives goes directly toward protecting Sherman’s natural resources for the benefit of and use by current and future generations. 

We are YOUR Land Trust.